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Audio transcription

Text capture from audio and video recordings

Our transcription service for electronic media, film, TV and radio: audio transcription in over 80 languages.

Transcribed text serves for example as a translation template for a voice-over production, as source text for subtitling or for documentation and archiving.

Source media for audio transcription: audio file, video file with audio track, online video (web address) etc.

Prices for audio transcription including business service

Depending on the complexity of the content and the quality of the audio material, audio transcription takes between 5 and 10 times the time required for audio playback. If desired, we note the time code in the transcription text.

zappmedia offers audio transcription at affordable prices. Our fixed price already includes the costs for project management, incoming file checks, analysis, scheduling and resource planning, communication, quality control and delivery.

Our processes are optimized for fast and cost-effective production. The quality of our transcription service is ISO-certified and TÜV-tested.


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